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Lightning Stuck My Family Tree

Along with his talents as an incredible artist, Roger Kull is an accomplished author. His book, "Lightning Struck My Family Tree,".


Roger says, "Life is strange in a funny way. I've often marveled at the twists and turns that I've encountered on my way to God knows where. I'm not trying to be philosopher simply because I don't have it in me. I guess that I'm just not serious enough. It runs in the family.

My Dad was the funniest man that I ever knew. He wasn't slapstick or a practical least not intentionally. He had suffered the hardest lessons that life had to offer and had somehow survived. There was hardly a physical or an emotional pain that didn't pierce his heart at one time or another. But that's not what this is all about.

This is about survial, frustration, layalty, love and all the things that make us we turn out to be. My point, which must seem vague, is that through it all, my Dad had the greatest sense of humor that I had ever encountered. He told stories about his father and he told stories about his friends. He laughed about himself, which few can do...and everyone listened! He enjoyed telling and re-telling what had happened in his life.

...Even though my Dad had little of material value to leave behind, he left me with something far greater. He gave me his life...and stories and experiences of our family together. and thank God...he gave me the ablity to laugh about it all."

Roger is working on his second book...Lightning Strikes Twice

Roger Kull

Lightning Struck My Family Tree

In an addition to being an accomplished artist, Roger is a respected author. His hilarious book, Lightning Struck My Family Tree, is well written and appeals to all ages. Childhood experiences with our siblings, parents, and extended families are a common theme with universal appeal. Roger takes it to the extreme level. Readers will double over, laughing until their cheeks hurt. Lighting Struck My Family Tree is a compilation of stories about his childhood experiences between the ages of four and twelve. He grew up in northwestern Pennsylvania, born to loving but unsuccessful parents. With no more than a 6th grade education, they were doomed to labor for their income. His dad had more trouble, much of it brought on himself, than most of us can imagine. The entire family shared his woes. Every story is from a realistic, but humorous perspective, with love and wisdom uniquely Roger's. They appeal to readers from grade school to retirees and everyone in between. For example, Roger & his cousin stuck firecrackers in the ends of hotdogs before they were grilled and set off cherry bombs in the ashtray of his uncle's car with the windows rolled up during a July 4th family gathering.Each of the 34 stories, complete within a chapter, stands alone. One riotous story after another and you come to the anticipate his father's choices and decisions, only to be fooled time and time again. You will turn the pages within each chapter to see how crazy life can get and begin the next to see what else could possibly happen. Roger is currently working on his second book Lightning Strikes Twice. To order your personalized copy of Lightning Struck My Family Tree, send $ 15.00 plus shipping & handling to: P.O. Box 12, Cave Creek, AZ 85327 or phone: 480-620-3849 or email Roger Kull at

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