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Here's a collection of my Southwestern Pictorial Leather Sculpture.

Each Sculpted Leather picture is and original.  Roger's work is unique by doing all the leather work freehand and he uses two tools, a leather knife and a clay modeler's spoon.

Experience the handcrafted beauty of this unique and beautiful Fine Art form.

Because of the uniqueness of each piece of leather, there are variations in the color of each picture.

1870's Zia Pottery 30x40

Pottery & prayer feathers 30x40

Red Cloud 24x30

Mata Ortiz Glory 24x48

Daughter of the Cliffs 30x40

Mother of the Earth 24x36

Olla and Prayer Feathers 8x16

Old Days 12x24

Home 12x24

Patience 12x24

Prayer Carrier 16x20

Sityatki Butterfly 12x16

Shaman 15x30

Cloud Kachina 15x30

The Storyteller 16x20

Hopi Sunrise 15x30

Pueblo Treasure 24x48

Native Heritage 9x12